Project prep...

As the festival date approaches, we're busy in the studio sewing together some of the squares we have been making to contribute to the Collective Tree Cosy installation. We are really looking forward to seeing all of your knitted squares too and adding them to the project.
We'll be making our first visit to the site on the 3rd August to start off the installation so that when you arrive you will already be able to see some of tree covered in knitting!

Here are a few pics of our time in the studio over the past week. 

Sorting through the knitted squares

Sorting through the knitted squares

Sewing the squares together

Laying the squares out

Finished panels to take to the festival site


  1. Fantastic activity ladies - and you were worried there wouldn't be enough squares!!! I have some good pics of the trees - did you want any or did you manage to take some in between supervising?!

  2. hi Juju,,

    I'd love to see some images!! if you have some, please could you e-mail them to info@artyarn.org..

    i am just adding some myself to the blog, but it would be great to have a selection of images from the participants too.

    i'm really happy you enjoyed the project :o)

    best wishes