Fusion Festival and the creation of the Collective Tree Cosy.

Thank you to everyone who made it over to our activity!!
We were thrilled to bits at just how many of you took the time to knit a square and help to build the collective tree cosy.

This type of event was a first for ArtYarn and we are so happy to have shared the experience of making this project with Girl Guides from all over the world.

Here are a selection of images from the event... we hope you had a wonderful centenary festival and we are so happy to have been a part of it.

If you have any images and comments you would like to share with us, please e-mail Rachael Elwell at info@artyarn.org, and we will feature them on this blog for you.

And finally, thank you to Valpuri, Rachael and Charlotte for all you hard work at the festival.. :o)

The first workshop participants arrive to take part with their knitted square...

And it wasn't long before many others came to the activity tables to start sewing up the many knitted squares into bigger patches..

In no time at all the tables were covered in all of your knitted squares, ready to be added to the Tree Cosy...

Then it was time to sew the squares on to the Tree Cosy, lots of people really got stuck into this activity...

These knitted squares really stood out!!

Everyone worked together to complete the Tree Cosy until it reached the ground..

And here is a shot of the Collective Tree Cosy at the end of the festival... Well done everyone!!

The fun didn't stop, one tree just wasn't enough for all of you eager Girl Guides! And you decided to take matters into your own hands and start a second Collective Tree Cosy!

What a wonderful time we had, well done for all of your efforts and we are really happy to have been invited to make this project for your centenary celebrations. 

Thank you, ArtYarn.

Setting Up

ArtYarn we're on the festival site on the 3rd August to make a start on the Collective Tree Cosy project.
Rachael, and assistants Valpuri and Rachael spent a wonderful sunny afternoon installing the first squares around the tree.

Rachael sewing the blue and white boarder around the top of the Tree Cosy.

Valpuri and Rachael sewing the knitted squares to the Tree Cosy

Sewing up the Tree Cosy

And this is how the Tree Cosy looked after the first day of preparation, all ready for the big event it's self the following day.


Project prep...

As the festival date approaches, we're busy in the studio sewing together some of the squares we have been making to contribute to the Collective Tree Cosy installation. We are really looking forward to seeing all of your knitted squares too and adding them to the project.
We'll be making our first visit to the site on the 3rd August to start off the installation so that when you arrive you will already be able to see some of tree covered in knitting!

Here are a few pics of our time in the studio over the past week. 

Sorting through the knitted squares

Sorting through the knitted squares

Sewing the squares together

Laying the squares out

Finished panels to take to the festival site


Making squares..

ArtYarn have been very busy preparing some squares to start our wonderful joint project off with all of the Girl Guide groups
We are really looking forward to seeing all your creations on the 4th August!!

Until then, if you would like to send us some images of what you have been knitting, along with any words about your experiences of learning to knit, please send us an e-mail to: info@artyarn.org
Or  you can send us some photos in the post to: 
ArtYarn (Fusion Knitting), 
Studio 306 Islington Mill Studios, 
James Street, 
Salford. M3 5HW.

Here are a few photos of some of the squares we have been knitting for the Collective Tree Cosy project:


About the project

Welcome to the Artyarn Fusion blog.

Thank you for visiting the site.

On this blog you will find all the relevant information you will need to teach your Girl Guide groups how to make a knitted square for our project 'Collective Tree Cosy'

If you need any other support from us about knitting the squares or if you would like to send in a photo of your group to appear on this blog, please e-mail Rachael and Sarah: info@artyarn.org

To get those needles clicking please click the links at the top of this page where you will find all of the instructions on how to cast on, how to knit and how to cast off.

What's it all about....

The ‘Collective Tree Cosy’ will be a vibrant knitted installation and learning activity for the Centenary event 'Fusion' on 4th August 2010; a colourful and tactile jumper to cover a large tree on the lawns of Harewood House.

The ‘Collective Tree Cosy’ will be made up of individual knitted squares which will be sewn together to hug the tree neatly; creating a snug pullover that will be fitted and installed by all the participants with the assistance of ArtYarn during a sewing workshop, held around the tree at the Centenary event.

This is a brilliant opportunity for Guides and Brownies to lean how to knit, an activity that is more trendy now than it has ever been! Yes, that’s right! Pop stars do it and knitted graffiti or ‘Yarn Bombing’ has been the latest in vogue phenomenon to sweep the globe. Not only that, all participants will be collectively creating a work of knitted art!

We are asking Guides and Brownies to knit a square that they can bring along to the Fusion Festival on 4th August where ArtYarn will be holding a sewing workshop and helping them to create the ‘Collective Tree Cosy’

What will it look like ?

There are many artists who have placed hand knitted pieces around trees to give the trees a different texture, colour and to interact with a natural objects using an artistic medium.

ArtYarn have created several Tree Cosies over the past few years, here are a few examples ...

A Tree Cosy which was made for the New Islington Festival in Manchester

One of the knitted Tree Cosies made for an exhibition called UK DIY at the Turnpike Art Gallery, Greater Manchester

We are hoping that with all of your contributions, this knitted tree cosy will be even bigger and better than any we have made before! And what's even better is that it will be made by Girl Guides from all over the UK.

Have fun and happy knitting :o)

What you need to make

We are asking Guides and Brownies to knit a square that they can bring along to the Fusion Festival on 4th August where ArtYarn will be holding a sewing workshop and helping them to create the ‘Collective Tree Cosy

For the creation of the Collective Tree Cosy we are asking all the participants to make a knitted square which measures 10cm x 10cm

An example of how your knitted square may look

To make your knitted squares you will need:


Any size needles can be used, whatever feels best. We recommend using around a 7mm needle, as this size is easy to use. Smaller or larger needles are just as appropriate.

If they come out bigger or smaller this doesn’t matter, it’s the activity and fun of knitting that counts!

If you are using a pair or 7mm needles, for example, we suggest you cast on around 20 stitches.


Here’s where you can get creative! Choose any colour or any kind of yarn you like. If you use large needles and a thin yarn you will get a loose loopy effect. Or you could use a textured yarn or even string for advanced knitters. Whatever wool you like.

For instructions on how to knit please use the links at the top of this page or visit the external links on the right hand side menu.

Happy knitting :-)