What you need to make

We are asking Guides and Brownies to knit a square that they can bring along to the Fusion Festival on 4th August where ArtYarn will be holding a sewing workshop and helping them to create the ‘Collective Tree Cosy

For the creation of the Collective Tree Cosy we are asking all the participants to make a knitted square which measures 10cm x 10cm

An example of how your knitted square may look

To make your knitted squares you will need:

Any size needles can be used, whatever feels best. We recommend using around a 7mm needle, as this size is easy to use. Smaller or larger needles are just as appropriate.
If they come out bigger or smaller this doesn’t matter, it’s the activity and fun of knitting that counts!
If you are using a pair or 7mm needles, for example, we suggest you cast on around 20 stitches.

Here’s where you can get creative! Choose any colour or any kind of yarn you like. If you use large needles and a thin yarn you will get a loose loopy effect. Or you could use a textured yarn or even string for advanced knitters. Whatever wool you like.

For instructions on how to knit please use the links at the top of this page or visit the external links on the right hand side menu.
Happy knitting :-)